Our Vision

I believe there are three important qualities a Human Being might have that make a difference in the World:


- Courage

- Humility

- Ability to serve and give


For me it took courage to go back to school at the age of 54 to follow my dream and make something with the gift that many people saw in me, looking at my portrait pictures. I had to put my ego aside to recognize, after having taking pictures for so many years, that I still have a long way to go to master this art. And I might never fully master it. But it is so exciting to learn and grow and just know that we don’t know. It opens an avenue of discoveries!


Making portrait pictures always created in me a strong inner joy feeling. Catching the essence of the person and show them what I call “the light of their soul”, their inner beauty always had a tremendous power in generating very positive feelings and atmosphere. I often use this approach in my leadership consulting practice and it adds a lot to the awareness  and growth process we offer to our customers and makes their journey even better.

Come and experience it with me !


Edith Samouillet